Indongo Toyota Golf Day

ALLES LOOP REG. ALTYD REG. TOYOTA. This was also the case for the Indongo Toyota Golf Day, recently hosted at the Walvis Bay Golf Club.

The golf event saw a large group of players fielded.
Duane Sanders and Morné Roux shared first place with Ben Louw and Tangeni. Second place went to Chris and Estelle Bothma and Frans and Justine Grobler were in third place. The final prize went to Rocco Viljoen and Piet van Niekerk.
The best golf on the day was won by a lucky draw. That went to André Burger, who has slipped into a habit of winning lucky draws. But you know: ‘n blinde hoender pik ook raak so hier en daar haha!
Dewald was there to hand out the prizes. On the photo he is sharing a laugh with Morné Roux, Pieter Fox, Dewald Els and Duane Saunders.
WBGC thank Dewald Els and his team from Indongo Toyota for another year of sponsoring our club. It is highly appreciated and the club also thank Cindy and her team for the lunch of the day.
David Peake won the Race to Cape Town, shooting a great 66 to beat Danie van Antwerpen, Oom Pikkie Champion and Pieter Fox, shooting a net 66.
Please remember the following dates for our own club events:
∙9 December will be the last Wednesday competition for the year sponsored by Artisan Bakery, they will continue the sponsorship for the whole of next year, thanks Uwe.
∙11-12 December Walvis Bay sages.
∙19-20 December the Bank Windhoek festive cup.
∙15 December: Joker is back.
∙16 January: The first comp of the year which is committee versus the members, for the chairman’s cup.
∙21 January: 2020 Wednesday Winner of Winners.
∙23 January: 2020 Saturday Winner of Winners.
∙30-31 January: Walvis Bay Open and for the ladies it the Rossmund Open.

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