Indoor Classics Tournament 2021

The first match will kick off at 10 a.m. CFC 1 is traded as a favourite as they hold the indoor cup in their showcase since 2017.

After strong performances this year, the first team of SFC should also be hoping for chance to crown themselves as indoor champions. The fact that SFC is the only club that practices indoors might bring the winning edge.
Since this tournament falls outside the scope of the national league, non-registered players are also allowed to participate. The teams are divided into 2 groups. The two best teams from each group advance to the semi-finals.
Unlike in the league where sets are played, the tournament is contended according to time with 2 half times. The field length per half is also only 20 meters instead of the usual 25 meters in field fistball.
In addition, the Swakopmund youngsters will also play a match again.

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