Injured whale

An injured whale, presumed to be a Humpback, was spotted at the Walvis Bay fishing harbour yesterday. The whale was swimming near the Tunacor quay and was also spotted at the quay of the former United Fishing.


Stranded whale dies

An Eight meters long humpback whale that stranded recently at Solitude, north of Henties Bay sadly died. The whale was struggling to refloat itself, but after a while it stopped moving and soon it was clear that it did not make it.

According to Leon Krause, a resident from Henties Bay, the whale was injured. Bleeding gashes were seen on the whale’s body. It is also of crucial importance that stranded whales are re-floated as soon as possible, as their internal organs cannot withstand the pressure exerted by the whale’s sheer weight on it too long.

At the time of going to press yesterday, researchers of the Namibian Dolphin Project were waiting for low tide to be able to reach the whale carcass to determine what caused this marine mammal’s injury and death.

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