Innovative food product produced in Walvis Bay

Floris Steenkamp

An innovative range of highly affordable food products, which can stay fresh for up to two years in storage temperatures of up to 55 Degree Celsius, is soon to be produced in Walvis Bay and distributed for wholesale and retail countrywide and even to Namibia’s neighbouring states.

The African Deli anticipates to start production in the next six weeks and will produce a range of pre-cooked, sealed meals which can be re-heated in as little as three minutes. A nutritious meal to a whole family. The fact that the pro-ducts can stay fresh and fit for human consumption for such a long period and in high temperatures make it a smart alternative for residents in informal settlements, rural areas and large quantity dry storage for institutions like the mining industry, fishing industry, the military, school hostels, old age care homes and food banks.
The fact that the products are highly affordable for lower income groups is a matter of great excitement, the CEO of African Deli Ron Glen-Spyron said in a recent interview with Namib Times.
The African Deli’s range of products include chic-ken livers and chicken gizzards in a peri-peri sauce, chakalaka sauce or an onion gravy. Also, speckled beans and black-eyed beans in yababa sauce and a delicious beef tripe.
“We have our own in-house research department where new products are developed and where we carry out continuous testing to ensure consistency and quality of all our products. At the moment we offer all our products in 500g size and is currently conducting production tests for 1kg sizes”, further explained Glen-Spyron.
The production process in short entails the raw chicken, beef or beans added to any of the sauces and then sealed in a durable pouch. The product is then steamed in a retort process. The consumer can reheat the product in the pouch by simply microwaving it, dipping the pouch in a bowl of boiled water or heat it up in a pot or pan on a stove or fire.
“What we have here is a product unique in every way. It does not have to be stored in a refrigerated or cool environment like conventional food items. The product stays fresh and nutritious in hot temperatures, as long as it remains sealed. It is also highly nutritious and pack sizes can feed a small family or larger families. The products can also be added together, like for instance the beans and gizzards or the beans and the chicken livers for larger families staying together.
African Deli is busy with finishing touches to their production facility, located in the new industrial area of Walvis Bay. Workers are all experts in their respective fields of the production process and Glen-Spyron added African Deli takes great pride in the fact that it imports raw products and add value locally and also provide much needed employment and trade opportunities.
“We are also looking to add horse mackerel to our range of products and in this way our local fishing industry would be our supplier of choice”, concluded Glen-Spyron. Trade inquiries can be directed at 064-283 400 or manager

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