Interesting ships visiting Walvis Bay

If you frequent the beach areas at Long Beach and Dolphin Park this festive holiday or travelling the B2 coastal road, inevitably your eyes will wander to the many vessels at anchorage off the port of Walvis Bay. Moreover, the kids might ask what these ships are doing here, what is the purpose or what kind of vessel is it.

From the shore would be visible this holiday season a semi-submersible oil rig (the one that appears as a platform resting on six pillars). This is the West Eclipse, a semi-submersible oil rig. The difficulties facing the global oil industry has resulted in many oil rigs and drilling ships that has currently no work and has looked up the safety of the bay of Walvis Bay. Not far from West Eclipse would also be visible the drilling ship, Jasper Explorer (a ship with a tall derrick or drilling tower on top).


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