International Coastal Clean-up Day

On Friday, 14 September, Sunshine Corner Montessori was joined by Swakopmund Montessori Academy and Karin Schulte, for International Coastal Clean-up Day.

Children, teachers and parents picked up litter between Platz Am Meer and the circle on Strand Street, filling several bags with plastics, papers and unwanted rubbish and teaching our little ones a valuable lesson in caring for our environment.
Sunshine Corner Montessori would like to thank our parents and children; Swakopmund Municipality Health Department (for supplying gloves and rubbish bags); Riteway Service Station (for sponsoring bottles of drinking water); Nikki Gantz / Swakopmund Montessori Academy; Karin Schulte and Platz am Meer (for their volunteers) and Recycle Namibia and My Guide Namibia (for their support in sharing our event on the web).  A fun day was enjoyed by all

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