International Social Workers Day

Annually, Social Workers emphasise their valuable efforts and contributions in society and ultimately receive recognition for their work. This year is no exception as we celebrate International Social Workers Day on 17 March. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples’.

An important aspect of Social Work is enhancing human wellbeing and ensuring that people are able to obtain their basic necessities, it is therefore that Social Workers strive to attain their professional ideals to make the world a better place.

Days such as the International Social Workers Day not only recognise the efforts of a social worker, but also paves a way of reflection and selfactualisation of their achievements and the challenges overcome throughout in their career.

Yes, Social Workers do face challenges along the way, but these challenges make the individual stronger.

Having the efforts of Social Workers highlighted provides a glimpse of hope as all the efforts in society are recognised and not performed in vain.

Social Workers in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay who are affiliated with the West Coast Social Workers Association meet on a monthly basis.

This platform is aimed at sharing knowledge and ideas and also an area for the Social Workers to debrief and support each other to provide efficient and effective services to their clients.

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