Into the fire:

Hundreds of knives and other weapons now where they belong

Knives meet their end in fire pit

Hundreds of knives, pangas and other blunt objects confiscated from people on the streets of Erongo’s towns were on Friday put where it belongs – in the fire pit.

The Walvis Bay Police, through the Office of the Regional Commander, arranged for these items to be destroyed at the municipality of Walvis Bay’s waste disposal site where an incinerator took only minutes to reduce these once dangerous weapons to useless pieces of scrap metal.
“We will continue to confiscate knives and any other item we deem to be dangerous weapons from people in the streets. We are realistic about the fact people are allowed to carry a knife it the knife is used for work for instance, but if we encounter you in the streets at night carrying a knife or any other object we don’t ask questions. We will confiscate it and if the need arises we will arrest you for criminal prosecution”, it was said at a short media briefing on Friday before the confiscated knives, pangas and other dangerous objects took the last journey into the fire pit.

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