Introduction of road safety in Schools

Day of the African Child, celebrated on the 16th of June, aims at raising awareness of the needs of the African child, in particular the need for continuous improvement in education.

The Private Sector Road Safety Forum (PSRSF) and its members, call on those commemorating this day to be reminded about the importance of Road Safety for children, as children are particularly vulnerable to vehicular injury and trauma from road crashes.
With the introduction of Road Safety as part of the school syllabus in all Namibian primary schools, the PSRSF and its members had identified Road Safety Infrastructure and Control measures in and around schools as a major opportunity to enhance the safety of children.
For this reason, the PSRSF developed the Schools Road Safety Program where private sector players adopt a school by undertaking to rectify and maintain the road safety infrastructures at the school.
PSRSF implemented road safety structures in various critical areas at schools and these structures include guard rails with bollards as well as sidewalk paving in front of the school clearly separating the learners from traffic. In addition, a more user friendly exit was constructed, allowing parents to drive into the school premises to drop off or collect their children.
Road safety infrastructure improvements at our school do not only help the learners but also the community at large.
School now has scholar patrol to assist the learners to cross the road safely every morning and afternoon. With the road safety measures installed at schools it is much safer and much more convenient for learners.
PSRSF spokesperson, Horst Heimstadt said “The Day of The African Child serves as a reminder of our duty to care for children. The PSRSF is passionate about the safety of our children at schools and will therefore go the extra mile to make sure that schools are equipped with the necessary measures to ensure the safety of students.”
Heimstadt further expresses his heartfelt gratitude towards all stake-holders who have significantly contributed to the program and called on Namibians to do their part in ensuring the safety of our children.

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