Intruders are on the watch

In the midst of burglary increases at the coast the police expresses the importance of being alert and vigilant to suspicious behaviour. There has been a noticeable incline in burglary and panic alarms going off, especially in the Fairways, Meersig and Lagoon areas.

It has been emphasized by Deputy Commissioner, Andreas Nelumbu, that residents should make use of the emergency numbers to report incidents as soon as possible for the authorities to take action. “We will be stepping up police patrolling in the streets, but the earlier incidents or suspicious behaviour is reported the better. We need residents to be vigilant about strange people moving around their area,” Nelumbu continued.
It is believed that intruders and burglars keep a watchful eye on target houses well before they strike, to get a basic idea of what residences’ schedules and daily patterns are. In many cases, taxi’s are involved in the transportation and get away of these crimes.

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