IPC suspends Ciske Smith-Howard

The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) suspended its Regional Councillor for the Swakopmund Constituency, Cllr Ciske Smith-Howard.

The suspension sent shockwaves throughout the party, and there are also concerns that this could start cracks in the seams of the IPC.
Howard-Smith confirmed her suspension to the media, but at the time on Wednesday was still waiting for her suspension letter.
Reports state Smith-Howard was suspended following a meeting with IPC top brass in Windhoek, including the party’s leader Dr. Panduleni Ithula.
Namib Times could establish through reports that Smith-Howard called for the suspension of the IPC’s Henties Bay Councillor, Siegfried Garoëb. Garoëb was dismissed from the Henties Bay Municipality in 2018 for dis-honesty, and Smith-Howard argues he is not suitable to serve as Councillor.
Smith-Howard is also the Chairperson of the Erongo Regional Council and has wasted little time since her election in November 2020 to serve both the community of Swakopmund and the wider Erongo Region.
During the Covid-19 peak earlier this year she under her “Ciske’s Covid Task Force established two Covid-care centres for people waiting to be hospitalised, and organised soup kitchens.
Her latest initiative is a project whereby landmark buildings in Swakopmund is illuminated by night in different colours to commemorate the people who died of Covid-19.
News of her suspension was greeted with different opinions yesterday. Mostly in her support, and others stating they don’t hope this will start to form cracks in the unity of the Independent Patriots For Change and the party’s future which could include a win in the national and presidential elections in 2024.

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