ISF U15 World School Sport Games 2021, Belgrade, Serbia

The Namibia School Sport Union is a member of the International Schools Sport Federation (ISF). The ISF is hosting the inaugural World Schools Sport Games in Belgrade, Serbia from 11-19 September 2021.

The Covid pandemic has decimated the school sport calendar and annual events/ competitions had to be cancelled. Subsequently, the envisaged school sport leagues couldn’t be launched and participation in international competitions e.g., COSSASA games could not be realised.  Therefore, to rise above negative effects of the pandemic and to inspire and give hope to the Namibian child the NSSU has resolved to send a team to the inaugural World School Sport Games in Serbia.

Due to the fact that contact sport is still prohibited in Namibia and considering the avail-ability of resources Namibia will compete in two codes only namely Athletics (Boys and Girls) and Chess (Boys and Girls).
These teams were selected during National competitions which were con-ducted earlier this year. The total delegation will comprise of 27 members including officials. The costs towards participation (Travel, Accommodation, Medical Insurance etc) will be borne by the NSSU. Considerable efforts are underway to source additional fun-ding from both the Ministry and corporate Namibia.
No athlete is or will be required to solicit funds to fund their participation in the games. NSSU teams are selected on merit and reports that some selected athletes are on a fund-raising drive to fund their participation in these games is worrisome. NSSU teams are selected on merit and a situation whereby athletes and officials are left to fend for themselves gives an indication that selection for NSSU representative teams is based on afford-ability and this flies in the face of what the NSSU stands for.
The practise where regions are on fund raising campaign in the name of the ISF World School Sport Games should be discontinued immediately. The Government of the Republic of Namibia through the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, since 1991, has fully funded and supported NSSU programmes aimed at primarily unearthing raw talent and expose such talent.

While the NSSU joins the whole country in celebrating the achievements of Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, we believe that their exploits would not have been possible without their participation in NSSU competitions and exposure at COSSASA International school sport competitions.
NSSU remain an important foundational stepping stone in the development of sport in Namibia.
Thus, participation in the inaugural World School Sport Games will enable the NSSU to fast track or accelerate athlete’s development through international exposure to high level competitions and ensure long-term athlete development.

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