It’s Küska time

The Swakopmunder Karneval (Küska) 2019 kicked off with its “apetiser-event”, the Narrenwecker on Saturday. The “Narrenwecker” signals the start of this annual German festival and gestures the symbolic waking of the Karneval clowns. The event brought a wonderful festive ambiance to Sam Nujoma Avenue in the town’s cbd.

Party-goers were entertained with live German music, drinks and food in abundance, including ice cold beer on the tap. The Küska girls were in action and added to the colourful German festivities.
The Küska is celebrating its 34th year this year. This year’s theme is “Swakop Strand Imposant”.
Following the Narrenwecker, is the main events that start on 21 June. On 29 June festivities conclude with the float procession through the town’s streets.
The Prinzenball (21 June) is at the Haus der Jugend; followed by the Küsika (children’s festival) on 22 June, the International Evenings on 25 and 26 June and the Büttenabends on 27 and 28 June. On Saturday 29 June after the float procession, the festivities move to the SFC-hall for the Kehraus which also marks the official conclusion of the Küska 2019. Tickets for any of the events are available at the Brauhaus.

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