It’s time for the Spray-A-Thon

During January and February, the Cancer Association of Namibia invites corporate Namibia and all schools to participate in the 2019 National Spray-A-Thon in support of children fighting cancer.

The official campaign will run from 1 – 16 March 2019, but in preparation for the drive, CAN requests all interested companies and schools to contact the association in advance to make the necessary arrangements for adequate hairspray to be dispatched.
“The 2018 event was a resounding success and while we placed the biggest order for spray cans in the history of the event, we still ran out!” stated CAN CEO, Rolf Hansen.
To this end, CAN has increased its annual order to avoid disappointment in 2019.
Companies and schools interested to join in this fun project of hope can contact Mary-Jane Human at or 061 237740 between 21 January – 15 February to make the necessary arrangements.
All funds raised through the National Spray-a-Thon are earmarked for the CHICA (Children fighting cancer in Namibia) Fund to support the Children’s Financial Support Programme, CHI-CA Interim Home, Ward 8 West Paediatric Oncology Ward at Windhoek Central Hospital and buy fruits and yoghurt on a weekly basis for hospitalized children fighting cancer.

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