IUM signs MoU’s

Staff reporters

The International University of Management (IUM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport), Hafeni Tours and Travel, Tsaobis Nature Park Rest Camp, Big Brother Guest House and Kayak Tours.

Classroom knowledge meets practical knowledge, this became a reality today with the signing of MoU’s with the entities, which will ensure that Namibian citizens who receive training from the IUM will be attached to these institutions for practical exposure in fields that are business related.
The agreements will enable IUM to send their students to these companies for job attachments as well as internships and will allow employees of the above mentioned companies to also advance their studies at IUM.
Speaking at the event, Mr Bisey /Uirab, CEO of Namport indicated that the MoU will provides the parameters for the cooperation between Namport and IUM and that Namport has placed Human Resources Development as one of its key strategic imperatives.
/Uirab said “This cooperation will provide opportunities for IUM students to undertake Internship at Namport to facilitate on-the-job training to complement theoretical academic training in selected courses.
Namport will provide Mentorship, Coaching and guidance to Interns in various disciplines while undertaking experiential learning in the works of work”.
“We believe that, through this arrangement, ultimately, IUM would be in a position to serve as a Human Resources feeder in selected fields to Namport’s future Human Resources needs” /Uirab added.
/Uirab also mentioned that this cooperation is undertaken within Namport’s social responsibility obligations to invest in our local communities and provide them with opportunities available and that they hope that the parties to this MOU would make it functional and operative so that it yields the intended results for the benefit of Namibia and that an Implementation Committee will be established to oversee the realisation hereof.
/Uirab mentioned that in terms of research capacity, Namport will cooperate with IUM to provide highly skilled research capabilities to undertake relevant research more particularly in the Erongo region and in Namibia, that focuses on exploring the opportunities the Blue Economy presents and as it stands, the opportunities presented by the Blue Economy has not been adequately explored largely due to the absence of a coordinated efforts”
“The Blue Economy provides opportunities, for example for the Tourism, Mining, Fisheries industries – of which, if properly coordinated, could address pertinent challenges the country is faced with such as employment creation, poverty alleviation, income generation.
It is therefore hoped that with this MOU Namport and IUM would take the lead to initiated properly researched recommendation on how best Namibia could leverage the opportunities that the Blue Economy presents” /Uirab added.
Speaking at the ceremonies, Acting Vice-Chancellor of IUM Professor Kingo Mchombu said that this MoU’s aims at supporting current efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation and for the IUM to establish a viable and sustainable well integrated policy.
Mchombu further said that, the signing of such this MoU’s will yield tremendous results for Namport, Hafeni Tours, Travel, Tsaobis Nature Park Rest Camp, Big Brother Guest House and Kayak Tours and IUM as entities.
“We at IUM are looking forward to work with the staff of all the entities” Mchombu added.
An internship opportunity in the highly specialised area of maritime logistics and tourism sector has received a boost in the country.

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