JFTC donates desks and chairs to Flamingo Primary

Rudi Bowe

The Jumbo Fair Trade Committee (JFTC) consisting of factory workers from Jumbo Char-coal in Okahandja and Walvis Bay donated 80 school desks with 160 chairs to the value of N$160 000 toFlamingo Primary School in Walvis Bay.

JFTC manages funds raised through the production of Fair Trade charcoal supplied to Jumbo Charcoal factory with the aim to improve the well-being, health, education and lifestyle of employees, their families and the community, through the execution of fair trade projects.
Chairperson of the Jumbo Fair Trade Committee, Jenny Paulse said after visiting the school, they observed that some learners were using desks and chairs that are normally used in a school set up.
Paulse said, “Every year a certain percentage of the charcoal sold to companies abroad, is allocated towards the committee. The committee members then check where the need is in Walvis Bay, where they have a depot, or Okahandja where Jumbo Charcoal’s head office is located.”
Ms Paulse said “JCFTC also gave donations in the form of textbooks to eight government schools in Okahandja, the installation of community taps at Nauaib, shelter for the Okahandja State Hospital, mattresses and beds to charcoal burners on various farms, English literature classes and a vegetable garden for Jumbo Charcoal employees in Okahandja, and most recently, desks and chairs for Flamingo Primary in Walvis Bay.
Paulse challenges local companies to help schools not only Flamingo. “There are so many other schools that we as business can look after. “Let us start fighting for our future teachers, lawyers and doctors and to ensure that our children have a safe space when they attend school.”
The committee also visited other schools in Walvis Bay to see where else they can assist in the future.
The Principal of Flamingo Primary, Emsie Orus, said that the new school desk and chairs are for four finished class rooms that were built by a group of parents with the schools management and board.
Orus said, “The group decided not sit and wait for the Government to build the classrooms at the school. They star-ted with fundraising to build the seven classrooms needed at the school and with the little money that was raised, small contribution from some of the parents and generous contribution from companies, the building of the four classrooms were done.

The Principal expressed her gratitude to Jumbo Fair Trade Committee for the donation of the school desks and chairs. “You can be ensured that we provide quality education in a conducive environment.”
“We will look after the donated items to make sure that future generations can also make use of it. We want you to visit after a year, and see how we have taken care of your donation,” Orus said.
Orus challenges the business community to help the school that educates 80% of disadvantage families. “We have in-complete classes. Children sitting in garages, it’s not a pretty picture. We have qualified teachers that provide quality education and we want to ensure we have a conducive environment for our children. The need at the school is still very big.”

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