Johanna Benson Fundraiser brings in big money

The Johanna Benson Fundraiser held on Friday evening, 23 September, raised a total amount of N$63 700 to aid physically challenged individuals with sport talents.

The fundraiser was a huge success, with the rugby legend Jacques Burger as a guest speaker. Burger delivered a motivation speech and donated one of his Saracens t-shirts to be auctioned at the event, which went for N$6 200. The following companies and individuals donated towards the fund:
Hangana Seafood – N$20 000, Sunshine Centre – N$500, Justine Moses – N$1 000, Sidney Nuwuseb – N$1 000, Starting Right Investments – N$8 000, Ringo Nuwuseb – N$2 000, Gendev Fish Processors – N$10 000, Tunacor Fisheries – N$10 000 and Erongo Red – N$5 000; Tunacor Fisheries also made a donation of 20kg fish to Benson personally.
The fund has been put together with a number of trustees with Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Benrard Esau, as patron; the fund will aid physically challenged athletes who do not have the opportunities Benson had at the time which brought her to be the Paralympic star she is today.

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