Johanna nominated again

Well-known athlete, Johanna Benson received a nomination for Disabled Woman of the year award for the African Union Sport Council Region 5. The event will take place this Saturday evening in South Africa.

The African Union Sport Council Region5 (AUSC Region5) is the sports arm of the African Union, which was once the Organisation of African Unity. It was formed in the 1960s, and its headquarters is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The main aim of the AUSC is to use sports to achieve peace, integration and unity in Africa i.e. sport as a vehicle of encouraging people to develop and come together, irrespective of colour, economic status, political, class, or gender. Belinda Oberholzer , Johanna’s coach said the Disabled Woman of the Year award couldn’t have come at a better time for them. “It was originally a big surprise for Johanna and myself, as we weren’t even aware of the new system and didn’t expect to be nominated. We are currently in the building phase in the preparation for Rio. We have been working real hard and when you receive a nomination like that, it makes you forget all the pain and effort related to it” Oberholzer said. Oberholzer further commented that Johanna is in good form and the whole team is working hard in conjunction with her, from her Physio Adrè, to her fellow teammates and family.
The theme of the inaugural Regional Annual Sports Awards is “Celebrating Excellence! Inspiring Innovation!” and AUSC General Manager Stanley Mutoya says this is in line with Region 5’s strategic goal to continuously promote excellence in sport and recreation at all levels.
Winners will receive a unique RASA trophy depicting a drum and a horn. The drum is a universal African celebration instrument which distinguishes African rhythmic music. Music is a medium of Africa’s celebration. The horn is an emblem of power and dominance, a means of attack and defence by animals. The horn is an African sound instrument, representing a rallying call for all athletes and officials to assemble and showcase unique sporting talent; striving to be the best; inspiring others to be innovative and reach their greatest potential. The awards are made up of 11 categories to recognise athletes, coaches, member countries, journalists and teams that have produced outstanding performances in sport at regional and international level.

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