Johannes !Gawaxab to resign as Rössing chairman

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Rössing Uranium Limited (RUL), Mr Johannes !Gawaxab, has announced his intention to resign in order to focus on other business commitments. This was announced on Friday in a press release by RUL.

In the press release !Gawaxab is being quoted as saying that “the expansion in activities of the private equity fund that I co-founded makes it increasingly difficult for me to dedicate sufficient time and effort to perform my duties as chairman of the Rössing Board.” !Gawaxab joined the Rössing board in November 2015. He will remain chairman until a successor has been appointed. A smooth handover is important. “It has been a great privilege to chair Rössing over the past two years, during which time I have worked with some outstanding people across the business”, he said.

The other board members are: W. Duvenhage, F.L. Namene, S.C. Trott, T.J. Wilcox, F. Fredericks, H.P Louw, E.I. Shivolo, C.W.H. Nghaamwa, D.S. Kunji-Behari and D. Erasmus.

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