Jonathan Rubain in Namibia

Rudi Bowe

Renowned South African gospel artist Jonathan Rubain host of the gospel music and talk show “Koortjies Met Jonathan Rubain” on DStv’s kykNET on Channel 144 and 145 on Sundays is on a CD Namibian tour

Rubain who had a number of performances and appearances in several towns across the country, said Namibian people are amazing and their hospitality made him feel very special.
Rubain said, “I have no words. I did not know that I have so many fans and sup-porters in the beautiful country.
Namibians are amazing and your hospitality is great and you make me feel very special in every way.
It’s good to support other countries’ musicians, but do not forget that you also have good musicians that also need support and that they are just as important and it would be good to see that all the local musicians also get your support,” he said.
When asked what the possibility is to record some episode of “Koortjies with Jonathan Rubain” in Namibia, Rubain said the following “the possibility is there, with all the support Namibians provide for all the KYKNET programs like Suid-oosters, Binnelanders, Klop, Getroud met Rugby, Arendsvlei and many more.”
He however said that it will obviously cost a few Namibian dollars, but if there are a few Namibian businesses that would like to come on board and help he thinks it will then be possible.
At the schools he visited, he told the learners that in order to be successful, they must learn hard and listen to their teachers and parents and that a person can become anything they want.
Organiser, Danny Morkel said Rubain will be back in Namibia early December 2021 for country wide concerts and to help Namibian musicians.
“Thank you so much for everything. I love you so much,” Rubain concluded.

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