JP Brand transform classrooms into sleeping quarters

As part of their corporate social responsibility, Ohorongo Cement through its Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT) and a German Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Support Ulm e.V is busy renovating three old classrooms into sleeping quarters for the grade 7 boys at JP Brand Primary School to ensure better sleeping conditions for the learners.

According to Professor Heinz Maier from the German NGO Support Ulm e.V, he mobilised over N$200 000 among friends in Germany towards this initiative. The two NGO’s also constructed ablution facilities and showers for the grade 1 girls and grade 7 boys. The facility consists of two showers, two toilets and two basins for the girls, and three of each for the boys. Learners of JP Brand Primary school on the banks of the Kuiseb river, east of Walvis Bay will all soon return to school without the fear of spreading Covid-19 amongst each other.
Maier said: “We have been following the development in Namibia since the arrival of Covid-19 and especially its impact on marginalised communities. We could not sit back and watch the children of this desert school miss out on education”
OOCT and Support Ulm e.V has over the years contributed toward education in Namibia. Education is considered the number one priority on the agenda of the cement manufacturing company.
Rudolf Coetzee, the administrator of OOCT said: “The children of JP Brand will be our future cement manufactures and clients. It’s only right to ensure that they receive an education in a conducive learning environment”.
Anna-Mildrid Josti, the Principal of JP Brand Primary School said this support came at a good time when it mostly needed because the children have been sharing facilities which is very risky, especially now, during the time of the deadly pandemic, Covid-19. Josti further said: “It is a pity the people from the Support Ulm e.V are not here to see the fruits of their work. We want to thank Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust for facilitating this gesture. With their assistance, our learners will live more comfortably, and they will now concentrate better at school”.

The JP Brand Primary School caters to 280 learners where the majority are from the Topnaar community and are children of employees of various fishing factories at Walvis Bay. Renovations started next week and is currently underway.

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