J&P Hydraulics Racing Car Project

Parents always want their children to follow in their footsteps, but with all the attractions of the modern world this doesn’t happen much anymore. It is more satisfying for a parent when the children follow in their footsteps or even emulate them.

It has been a long-time dream of Allan Martin, that his son Zachary Martin follow in his footsteps and this happened to the extent that the two have tackled numerous projects of building racing cars together.
One the longtime dreams of Allan Martin, the legendary and well-known Namibian Champion rally driver, Oval, Drag and Circuit racer, was to do a father and son project. A project where the two build a racing car together and by doing so, contribute to the development of motorsport in Namibia.
With all the negativity during this time with the Covid-19 pandemic, Allan and Zachary Martin thought that this project could be one of positivity and hope. Not only was it about doing something positive, but also about a legacy of fathers and sons sharing in their motorsport achievements. Allan and Zachary Martin have shared the same podium on a few occasions already. This is something very few parents get to experience.
The beginning of this project goes far back as Allan also managed to bring parents and children who shared the same interests together. This brought grandfathers, fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters to all rally on the events. Willem Hugo, Maretha Olivier, Mandi Hugo and Zachary Martin all rallied on the same events, and at times all shared the same podium.
In continuing this legacy, Allan Martin thought of getting the man whose name is synonymous with the racetrack and have been part of motorsport in Namibia for many years, Tony Rust.
Tony Rust raced and rallied, and his son Michael also followed in his footsteps. To complete this legacy, Allan and Zachary Martin built and donated the VW MK1 Golf Racing car to Wynne Rust the son of Michael Rust.
While Tony Rust retired from competing in active motorsport many years ago, Michael Rust has kept the Rust flag flying and hopefully soon the dream which Allan and Zachary Martin had of Wynne Rust joining his dad on the podium will come true through this project.
Zachary Martin said, “Just like that another build comes to an end. Definitely wasn’t easy keeping this one under wraps as it’s a very special one for us.”

Zachary Martin said that for as long as he can remember ever since he started racing, dad and son discussed building a car to one day bless someone. Even through all the tough times this year brought about, the opportunity presented itself and the two decided to build a beautiful car.
“No corners were cut and it was built to the same standard as all our other cars but the only difference it was all done within a month and a half. Can’t wait to see it on track and surely, it’s going to be a force to recon with” the young racing driver said.
“To top it all off the person we decided to bless, is going on to be a 3rd generation at the track that his grandfather built. I was fortunate enough to share a podium with my dad a few times and it’s something very very special to me, I can’t wait for Michel Rust and his son to do the same”.
Zachary Martin said, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my dad. Thank you for everything you do for me, from the smallest to the biggest. Words cannot describe how thankful I am. I know I’m your biggest headache sometimes but thank you for not giving up on me and always being there.  Thank you for making all my Motorsport dreams come true even if it’s tough sometimes and for sharing all your knowledge and more without thinking twice. I’m forever grateful that we got to do this build together and it’s  something I will forever cherish in my heart.  Without you none of this would have been possible. I look forward to making many more memories like this with you, “Zachary Martin concluded.

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