June and July slightly colder than average

The months of July and June ended with temperatures lower than averages of other years. August does not seem to be any warmer. According to Swakopmund amateur meteorologist Klaus Knupp, winds too have been noticeably stronger since the beginning of the year. The winds were near average though for June and July.
According to Knupp the number of East Winds recorded have been slightly less this year. Moreover, these winds were noticeably weaker in both June and July, compared to previous years. When he compared the average number of East Wind occurrences over the past 15 years (year on year), 2017 saw less East Wind days in June and July.
“What struck me as obvious following up on the day temperature was that Namibia’s interior (most of southern Africa, in fact) was consistently warmer than average for the whole of July, whilst at the coast temperatures were closer to the year on year averages.
Looking into the foreseeable weather future, he noted some models are predicting a weak la Nina for the summer ahead. This is a similar situation to the past rainy season. Namibia can therefore hope for a rainy season, more or less along the same lines as 2016/2017.

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