Junior cricketers in action

Rudi Bowe

Cricketers from 23 schools participated in the 23rdWalvis Bay Salt Refi-ners Junior Cricket Festival in Walvis Bay from 19 to 23 August.

Pro-Ed Academy took the honours at the Walvis Bay Salt Refiners Coastal Junior Cricket Festival which took place for the 23rd consecutive year at various venues in Walvis Bay last week.
Pro-Ed Academy Under 13 girls Kaylee van Wyk and Roche Venter being the Best Bowler and player of the festival respectively with the Under 13 team crowned as the team of the festival and JJ Fourie the best wicket keeper in the Under 11 category.
Development and women’s cricket forms an important element of Cricket Namibia a total of 5 development and 4 girls’ teams entered for the event.
The well-known South African Women’s Cricket player Sune van Zyl Oosthuizen who was the special guest at the festival encouraged all the cricketers to dream big.
Sune said “Never let anyone tell you can’t do anything. If you set a goal for yourself, keep working until you reach it. You need to work hard on your weaknesses and don’t just focus on what you are good at. The more a team enjoy what they do, the stronger you become as a player and you as a team”.
“Cricket is more than just a sport, it is a journey full of life with exciting opportunities and friendships” Sune added.
The award winners were as follows:
Under 11
Bowler of the Festival: Waldo Smith – 19 Wickets Windhoek Gymnasium
Batsman of the Festival: Therisa Kazimbu – 95 runs – Outjo Development (Girls’)
All-Rounder of the Festival: Sebastiaan van Vuuren – 66 runs and 10 wickets – Walvis Bay Private High School
Fielder of the Festival: Allan Shatembe– !Nara Primary School
Wicket keeper of the Festival: JJ Fourie – Pro-Ed Academy
Player of the Festival: Waldo Smith – 101 runs and 19 Wickets Windhoek Gymnasium
Group A Team of the Festival: Windhoek Gymnasium
Team Spirt of the Festival: WAP Affies
Manager of the Festival: Jasper Engelbrecht – WAP Affies
Coach of the Festival: Johannes Joseph – !Nara Primary School
Umpire of the Festival: Gerhard Lottering
Under 13
Bowler of the Festival: Kaylee van Wyk – 9 Wickets Pro-Ed Academy (Girls)
Batsman of the Festival: Matteo de Castro – 114 runs Walvis Bay Private High School
All-Rounderof the Festival: SW Kuhn – 65 runs and 6 wickets – Agri College
Fielder of the Festival: Adriaan Louw – WAP Affies
Wicket keeper of the Festival: Zack von Wiellig Windhoek Gymnasium
Player of the Festival: Roche Venter – 127 Runs Pro-Ed Academy (Girls)
Group A Team of the Festival: Pro-Ed Academy Under 13 (Boys)
Group B Team of the Festival: WAP Affies Under 13 (Boys)
Manager of the Festival: Wilda Kotze – Windhoek Gymnasium
Coach of the Festival: Mxolisi D ube – Agri College
Umpire of the Festival: Shaloko Groenwald

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