Kambueshe: “Rising crime must be answered with a plan and not only a speech”

Swakopmund constituency councilor Juuso Kambueshe has condemned the brutal murder of elderly residents in August in his constituency, stating it has made him realise his shortcomings as leader. In an interview with namib times he not only took responsibility as leader in a most admirable way, Kambueshe also called on regional leaders, including himself, to find a solution to curb the rising crime wave.
Although Kambueshe applauds the police force for a job well done on apprehending the suspects in all three cases, he wants to address the rising crime wave in order to protect people proactively, rather than the reactionary hunting for the criminal when it is already too late for the victim.
“Both these incidents have made me realize my shortcomings as a leader”.
“Firstly, we need to conduct an in-depth analysis into what is causing these crimes. We need to look at our moral values and we need to be held accountable as leaders”, he continued. Whilst Kambueshe concedes crime is a social evil and that it will always exist, he asks to what degree “we should allow it.”
“The brutality of these crimes concerns me. Instead of stealing only valuables and fleeing, the culprits murdered their elderly victims. The fact is that this issue will not resolve itself and will not go away. We must look at statistics, have strategic engagements and come up with proposals to address these issues”, he demands.
Kambueshe commended the police for apprehending the suspects in such short periods, despite very difficult circumstances and limited resources. “The police force performs a very good job. We must remember this fact when we, as leaders, look at our decisions. For instance: the police have nothing to do with shebeen license applications. However, once there are lots of shebeens they become the burden of the police”. Kambueshe called upon the community for assistance and dialogue to find solutions.
Kambueshe also commended the initiative by Swakopmund residents who are intending to stage a silent protest on 26 September at the Swakopmund magistrate court, to show their concern about the rising crime wave. The protest will coincide with the next court appearances of the suspects who have been charged with the murder of the Strzelecki couple in the beginning of August.
“That is good, as it shows that our society is not happy with current the moral values,” he said. Kambueshe vowed he as leader needs to do more. “Our responsibility to do more and find a solution has to be answered with a plan and not only a speech. We must show how we intend to resolve this,” he said. Concluding: “I am as good as I am held accountable.”

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