Kamwangu’s bail opposed

On 14 March Kamboi Kamwangu (26) made his second appear-ance in court in front of Magistrate Surita Savage on a case of murder read with the provisions of the domestic violence act, act 4 of 2003. Kamwangu’s bail was opposed by the Magistrate.

Kamwangu was arrested on 20 January after he allegedly stabbed and stoned his girlfriend, Sharlene Vihanga, to death during a fight at their place of residence in the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund (namib times reported).
Magistrate Savage opposed bail of Kamwangu due to the seriousness of the offence and because the statement was also outstanding. Kamwangu was also advised to bring a formal bail application. The matter was remanded to 15 May for legal aid and the accused remains in custody.

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