Karate takes its first step to Championship

The Walvis Bay Karate Club had a fitness evaluation test on Thursday, 26 January.
The team, assisted by Coach Leonard Martin, had been receiving a tremendous amount of training since December to keep themselves ready for trials, which will officially start on Saturday, 4 February, where all relevant candidates all over Namibia have a chance to demonstrate how fit they are. Selection for the national team will commence later this year between 25 and 26 June,where only qualified students will represent Namibia in the region 5 National Karate Championship in Mozambique, Maputo. They will also have to defend their title at the African Championships in Cameroon and at Karate Commonwealth Games in South Africa (Durban).
They participate in the controlling World Karate Federation, which is an overall control based on world control Olympic sport. The Namibian team are currently preparing youths for the 2020 Olympic Games, this however is a 4 year statistic plan which started about a year ago and the team looks forward to making Namibia proud.

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