Karate Zen Dojo – Narraville

Karate Zen Dojo – Narraville Sensei Llewellyn Manale, 4th Dan Black Belt

In 1990 they moved over to Goju-Kai Karate Do – Narraville. From 1995 to 1997 he trained in Walvis Bay Town – Dojo and from 1998 to 1999 he trained in Swakopmund Dojo, all the same organisation.

Junior ranks medaled at the Namibia Nationals are too many to mention. Sensei Manale was the 1999 Zone 6 medalist. In 2000 he trained at Atlantis Dojo, Walvis Bay and graded to 1st Dan Black Belt. In 2001, he studied in Cape Town, and trained in Mowbray Dojo. Karate then stopped for a period of time.
In October 2009, Sensei Manale returned to the Dojo and was back in action at Atlantis Dojo, Walvis Bay in 2010, where he graded to 2nd Dan Black Belt.
In 2012, he graded to 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tokyo-Japan. In 2013, the Sensei attended Goju-Kai World Championships in Mumbai-India (eliminated Bronze Medal Match) Rank 5th. Sensei Manale was a Senior National Karate Team member and 84+ Kumite fighter from 2014 to 2016. He was appointed as the Namibian Team Captain in 2015 and participated for Namibia at the All-African Games in Congo Brazzaville. Sensei Manale became the Region 5 Bronze Medalist, Kumite 84+ in 2016. From 2017 to 2020, the Sensei was Assistant Coach for the Namibia National Team to Mozambique and Bot-swana, in 2018 to 2019 he was the Head Coach of the African Karate Cham-pionships to Rwanda-Kigali, the Commonwealth karate Championships to Durban, South Africa, the Namibia National Teams, Region 5 karate to Sal Island, Cape Verde. In the same year, Sensei Manale was the Coach to the Karate Team at the all-African Games in Casablanca, Morocco. In 2020 he was the Head Coach to the Namibia National Team to the African Karate Championships in Tangier, Morocco.
The National Team has been preparing to compete with the best in the world in Paris, France from 11 to 13 June. “It has been tough just to be able to train the past few months, because of the pandemic and all the regulations”, said Sensei Manale.
Sensei Manale has changed his organisation and are now associated with Karate-Zen Namibia.
“I come from humble beginnings and would love to grow the love for Karate in my Township where I was given a chance to stake my claim. I am sharing my knowledge with the students and surely trust that future Champions can be groomed from my new Dojo/Club. A new start is what was needed in my career at the moment and I am glad I was able to come back to where I started. Karate-Zen Narraville Dojo can only grow from strength to strength. With the support of the community, I do believe we can install the basics of karate, Dojo kun – I will be Humble, courteous, patient & honorable. I will strive for knowledge, strength, serenity & peace. I will respect myself, all others, what is mine and what belongs to others.” said Sensei Manale.

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