Keep Walvis Bay clean

Urinating in public an increasing concern

Walvis Bay mayor Alderman Immanuel Wilfried urged the Walvis Bay community this week to take pride of the town’s urban environment and not to degrade it with unacceptable acts like urinating in public, littering and vandalism. Every resident must do his or her part to keep the town clean and at all times, he said on Tuesday night during the monthly council meeting held at the civic centre in Walvis Bay.

The mayor also confirmed that the national clean-up campaign will be held on Saturday, 21 September. The event is a country wide campaign. “I would like to appeal to all residents to show their usual support and show up in numbers in order to make this a success. Some may ask: what is the point of having a clean-up operation for one day? But the aim is not to clean for one day of the year only, the aim is to sensitize our residents on the importance of participating in keeping our environment clean.
As you all may be aware, our municipality has been running the Team-up to Clean-up campaign since 2017. This campaign complements our other cleaning efforts; however, littering continues to be a recurring problem in Walvis Bay. Fellow residents, let’s refrain from littering, public urination and vandalism and take pride in our urban environment by keeping it clean at all times”, Alderman Wilfried is quoted.

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