Knowledge donates N$1 million to support community

An announcement was made by the Knowledge Foundation yesterday morning, of an N$1 million pledge by Knowledge Katti through the foundation in the form of a revolving Fund to assist residents and vulnerable families at the coastal town of Walvis Bay.
The funds will be extended as collateral and interest loans, which will be aimed at benefitting the communities of Kuisebmond and Narraville. The main objective of this initiative is to assist in eradicating poverty, therefore beneficiaries can apply for various funding for assistance where finances are lacking.
“There are many people in our communities who are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. However, funding for things such as restocking their shops or acquiring equipment is problematic due to lack of funds. Similarly, there are families facing dire situations of disconnected basic services such as water and electricity. Others are unable to buy shoes or winter clothes for their school going children. This is where the Knowledge Foundation N$1 Million Revolving Fund comes in,” commented Knowledge Katti.
The Foundation has chosen local pastors and church leaders to assist in identifying beneficiaries, community members in need are also encouraged to approach the chosen individuals to discuss the assistance they need.
The fund will require no fixed payment terms and beneficiaries are expected to repay once they are able to.
The fund will also support the implementation of income-generating projects, as well as provide start-up or operational capital for micro enterprises.
“I’m extremely happy about this. In fact, we already started helping some families yesterday and today. This is because we believe that there is vast potential to move our communities out of poverty to possibilities and prosperity,” Katti added.

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