Krylov child-rape case to High Court

A Russian national, residing in Namibia for an extensive period already, and a Namibian woman who are accused of having targeted young girls in Walvis Bay over a long period for child sex will have to answer in the Windhoek High Court on 32 charges of organised crime, human trafficking and rape.

Alexander Krylov (57) and Anna Engelbrecht (28) heard in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court last week their case was transferred to the Windhoek High Court for prosecution and that a pre-trial appearance is scheduled for 14 February 2019.
Krylov is accused of having used the services of Engelbrecht to recruit under-aged girls with whom can have sex for money.
Upon his arrest, Krylov’s defense was he did not know the girls were under-aged as they had well-developed bodies. He also understood these girls were prostitutes. He also alleged he has been blackmailed after his arrest.

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