Kuiseb Fishing Enterprise and Gendev launch JV-company – Hodago Fishing

The official launch of the Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises and Gendev joint venture, Hodago Fishing (Pty) Ltd, was celebrated in style on Friday, 20 May. Both companies are pioneers of value adding to horse mackerel, a fish species that was traditionally marketed as an alternative source of protein in Central and West Africa and regarded as low value.

In 2015, Gendev and Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises came together to establish the joint entity, Hodago Fishing (Pty) Ltd, with Venmar as a technical partner. Venmar was also enlisted to assist in the navigation of Venus 1, the midwater trawl vessel Hodago acquired.
The newly established fishing company, with a total investment valued at N$80 million, focuses on the value addition of horse mackerel, which was regarded as unachievable for many years among Namibian mid-water trawl stakeholders.
The company have a horse mackerel quota and commenced actual fishing operations on 1 November 2015.
The name ‘Hodago’ is derived from local dialects, particularly Damara-Nama, meaning “we found it.”
The launch event was attended and officiated by Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Bernard Esau who said Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises and Gendev buy into the policy objectives of Government to add value for job creation and export value.
From fish soup to frozen retail packs, Hadago Fishing is shifting horizons for Namibian horse mackerel as high value fish products.
“I have seen the first transformation, entrepreneurship and innovation by some right holders to develop dry fish soup, smoking facilities, wet fish processing plants to produce quick frozen horse mackerel fillets and other derivatives. The dream is realistic, achievable and has great untrapped potential.
This comes at a time when my Ministry is in a process of developing a mechanism of pro rata quota allocation. The mechanism is to provide predictability, transparency, accountability and fairness in the allocation of quotas.
Furthermore, the mechanism will give effect to Harambee prosperity plan, and enhance greater inclusivity in fisheries at beneficial control and management levels and ownership”, said Minister Esau at the launch.
The joint venture has been in operation for barely half a year. During that time it bolstered job opportunities to 105 positions, whilst the company also guaranteed no job losses for crew of Venus 1 at the time of the vessel’s purchase.

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