Kuisebmond shooting – fire arm confiscated

Eileen van der Schyff

A man’s fire-arm was confiscated after he shot another person in the buttock on Saturday. Two people were on their way home on Saturday in the late afternoon, when Max Shilongo (40) approached them and demanded they return items they allegedly stole from his car.
Max Shilongo demanded the two return the things they allegedly stole from his car, but they denied breaking into the car and stealing any contents in the car. Shilongo then allegedly drew a pistol and the two victims started to run. Shilongo fired shots at them and the one 22-year-old man fell to the ground with a gunshot wound to his right buttock. The victim was admitted to the Walvis Bay state hospital and is in a stable condition. It was later found that the suspects car was never broken into. The suspect appeared in the Walvis Bay Magistrates Court yesterday on charges of attempted murder and the misuse of a firearm.

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