Küska 2017 kicks off

It’s that time of the year again: The 32nd Swakopmund carnival, also known as KÜSKA, kicked off with the annual “Narrenwecker” on Saturday. As usual the Narrenwecker is the wake-up call for Jokers/Jesters and is held in the main road. There was ample live music, food, drinks and a short program giving guests an indication on what they expect from this year’s KÜSKA.
The slogan for this year’s carnival is “ACH WIE GUT DAS NIEMAND WEISS”. Translated into English it means “How glad I am that no one knows…”.
The next event is the Prinzenball (Royal Ball) which will take place on Friday, 16 June in the Haus der Jugend. During this evening the new KÜSKA Prince and Princess will be presented and the Swakopmund city council will symbolically hand over the key of the town to the royal couple. The carnival will continue with the KÜSKIKA (17 June), followed by the International Evening (20 June), Mixed Evening (21 June) and German Evening (22 June). Tickets for these evenings are available at HAPPY PETS.
On Friday, 23 June, the carnival continues in the hall of the SFC with the Fancy-Dress-Party (Maskenball). Tickets are available at the doors and to dress-up is compulsory. Entrance will only be allowed from the age of 18 years and identification documents must be provided.
As usual the carnival ends with the ever popular float procession (Umzug) through Swakopmund on 24 June, followed by the Kehraus in the SFC hall.
Pictured above: The days of both royal couples are numbered. The annual carnival KÜSKA kicked off on Saturday with another successful “Narrenwecker”. The new couples will be revealed during the Prinzenball and KÜSKIKA soon.

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