Langstrand confusion

Floris Steenkamp

The municipality of Walvis Bay suspended repair work to an existing road along the beach front at Langstrand Extension 2 on Wednesday, after residents threatened to approach the High Court of Namibia for an interdict to stop what they incorrectly assumed as “the construction of a beachfront road and parking areas along the Long Beach residential area”.

This “construction of a beach front road” turned out to be nothing more than a municipal team of the local authority’s roads department restoring the road in order for technical teams to reach the sewer line and sewer pump stations on the beach front.
It needs urgent repair and maintenance work. If the work is not conducted soon, segments of Langstrand will encounter sewer problems.
“Sewer, Water, Waste and Environmental Management merely requested Roads and Building Control to grade the road so that they can access the area to conduct repairs and maintenance work to the sewer line and pump stations.
Instead, residents interpreted the grading work and a water truck spraying the road’s surface as the start of the construction of a beach access road and parking areas Council resolved some years ago to undertake”, explained an official familiar with the saga.

He expressed disappointment at the reaction by certain residents and said it is now back to the drawing board to ask residents for alternative ways to reach the sewer line and sewer pumps, as all possible access areas among the houses are already blocked as some residents don’t want vehicles on the beach.
The construction team, Namib Times was told, left after the lunch hour after their managers informed them that residents are fuming with anger and is going to drag the municipality to court.
At the time residents were already committing themselves to donating money for an urgent High Court application, accusing the municipality of malicious intent.
Wrongly interpreting the Roads team’s departure as backing down over the legal threat, a writing was posted at around 13:35 on Wednesday on social media thanking all for their willingness to support the crowd funding initiative, but that it would not be necessary any more for the time being.
Several Langstrand residents argued in the aftermath of the incident they are now in a serious predicament. Maintenance to the sewer system is of paramount importance, but if there is no proper access way to the system of pipes and pumps what would the outcome be”.

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