Langstrand emergency landing: plane ran out of fuel after pilot failed to switch to reserve tank

The Cessna 210 that made an emergency landing on the B2 coastal road near Langstrand on Thursday late afternoon was flown out again by an experienced pilot on Saturday.

Traffic on the B2 coastal road was brought to a standstill to allow for the pilot to take off from the main road. Dozens of people witnessed this very rare occasion.
In the meantime, it was established the plane was only slightly dam-aged when one of its wings clipped a road sign during the emergency landing on Thursday. The damage did not influence the plane’s ability to fly.
Fuel starvation is at this stage believed to be the cause of the incident. The pilot had two passengers, both foreign nationals, onboard when on Thursday late afternoon he was returning to Swakopmund from a scenic flight. The aircraft’s engine without warning stopped, prompting the pilot to steer the aircraft to the B2 coastal road and executing a gliding landing.
It is a matter of big speculation at this moment in the aviation fraternity whether the pilot did not follow procedures to switch to the reserve fuel tank, resulting in the main tank running empty and the engine cut out.

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