Langstrand resident fear “spitefulness” behind this messy affair

A Langstrand resident was left in utter disappointment when he approached a person last weekend who was part of a group of people enjoying a day at the municipal tidal pools and adjacent braai-facilities. The group left the area in what can only be described as a “mess”.

The person who was approached took issue when he was asked if he and his companions could tidy up the area before leaving. Instead, the person allegedly took it personal and then took a politically motivated tone.
“We as Swapo members know you people living here will vote for the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association in the local authority election and for the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) in the Regional Council Elections. We will even return and make the place more dirty next time”, the man allegedly said before walking off.
Pictures herewith shows what the place looked like afterwards.
“I don’t think this man was fair at all. Firstly, it reflects negative on us as Namibians if we leave places in such a mess. Secondly, to do this out of political spitefulness is childish”, the resident told Namib Times.
He expressed hope the man was not serious, and calls upon supporters of all political parties to be disciplined and cognisant of their fellow-countrymen.
“The fact that people have different political affiliations does not mean we as Namibians should not care for one another and ensure our country remains clean and tidy.

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