Let the countdown begin….

Seaflower Pelagic Processing readies for start-up

After Namport second biggest power consumer

The gears of production will soon start to turn for Seaflower Pelagic Processing in Walvis Bay. Final preparations are now made for the company’s first fishing vessel to go to sea and to return with enough catches to systematically get the production processes going.

Seaflower Pelagic Processing aims to catch and process 50 000 tons of horse mackerel in its first year of operation and has the means to double that production output in time with joint-venture horse mackerel quota holders.
Seaflower Pelagic Processing is 40% owned by Fishcor (also the quota holder) and 60% is owned by African Selection Fishing Namibia (95% Namibian-owned and 5 % foreign owned).
Once in full production, Seaflower Pelagic Processing can boost job figures in the Namibian fishing industry with an instant 8 %, the company said in an exclusive interview with Namib Times late in 2018.
Seaflower Pelagic Processing is also the second largest electricity consumer in Walvis Bay, with a daily demand at full production of 3,100kW. Namport is the single biggest electricity consumer with a daily demand of 3,500 kW per day.
Seaflower Pelagic Processing currently has its freezing plant, refrigeration plant and fishmeal plant running and plans to later this year commission its cannery where horse mackerel will be canned under the trade name “Princess”.
∙In a recent visit to the port of Walvis Bay, Namib Times were told the four ship-to-shore cranes, which the port authority plans to commission later this year on the container terminal on reclaimed land each requires 2,500kW per day. That would see the port’s daily demand skyrocketing from the current 3,500kW to 13,500kW.
As both Seaflower Pelagic Processing and the container terminal project has been planned years ahead, the necessary power supply capacity and infrastructure have been put in place in time by both the national power utility NamPower and the regional distributor ErongoRED to be able to facilitate this increased supply.

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