Let’s draw the line on the B2 Coastal Road

The motorist public reported several incidents on the B2 coastal roads Walvis Bay to Langstrand section disregarding the new traffic lines added to the road’s surface. Some motorists overtake on the solid lines on blind hills.

“When there were no lines everyone was complaining over the danger it poses. Now that the lines are there at last, some people drive thus if these lines are not existing”, a motorist said who phoned in to report a driver that caused a near collision.
Many people are also speeding on this segment of the road, disregarding the fact that a 100km/h speed limit is in place.
“I urge our motorists to be careful on the road. To arrive a few minutes later at your end destination cannot be more important than being swept away in a deadly car accident or worse causing the deaths of other people”, said a second motorist.

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