Lets go ship spotting

If you happen to stay at Langstrand, the Dolphin Beach area or you visit the Walvis Bay Waterfront over the holiday season, you might be able to spot a few very interesting ships that visit the port of Walvis Bay between today [19 December this year and 9 January next year].

On 19 December the passenger liner Seven Seas Explorer is expected alongside. The vessel is expected to enter the port by 07:00 and leaves late in the afternoon. The best times to look at incoming ships from vantage points would be from 06:00 and usually between 16:00 and 18:00 the ships depart the port and would be visible off port limits.
Seven Seas Explorer returns to Walvis Bay on Christmas Day and again on 9 January. On 9 January she is alongside at 06:00.
On Family Day the passenger liner, The World is alongside at 07:00 so if the morning has clear skies you would be able to spot her in the bay area from first light.
On 27 December and 3 January respectively two vehicle carriers, also known as roll-on roll-off ships (ro-ro’s) are expected alongside. They are early birds and are expected in port at 06:00. These ships make one think of Noah’s ark, as they are designed to carry as many as 5 000 vehicles. If you do not spot them when they come in, they usually leave the same day again by late after-noon.
Due to their size and peculiar shape, they will also be visible in the port alongside from any vantage point. You would also get a good look at these vessels if you drive down’s 6th Street in the vicinity of the railway station or down 5th Street.
The ships would also be best visible when traveling down 5th Road towards the port’s south gate and from the Walvis Bay Waterfront.
If you are in the bay area or in Walvis Bay on 5 January, you would also be fortunate to see a tall ship alongside. The ship is a gigantic sailing boat (see picture on this page).

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