Letter – We want Ngurare back

I am Reinhold Shipwikeni – Swapo Party Erongo Regional Executive Committee member.

I want to say the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) is unhappy with the expulsion of Elijah Ngurare and think it is unfair. We have a disciplinary committee and we fail to understand why his problem was not addressed by the disciplinary committee of Swapo Party.

There is something I want to tell the Acting President of the ruling Swapo Party, Comrade Hage Gottfried to bring back Ngurare to the Swapo Party structure within 15 days or else he should resign from his post. Comrade Geingob was given the Parties top position as Acting President, but the aim behind giving him the seat was not to break the Party or to destroy the Party.

As a top head of the Party, he should learn how to unite the party members and he must not misuse his position to destroy the Party. We need a unit in the Party, whether you like the person or not you need to respect your fellow comrades in the Party.

Ngurare is a good and quality Swapo Party instrument that can build the Party and unite the Youth; we need him on the Party structure. Ngurare is also having his support and we need him again to lead as the SPYL Secretary. We have rights and obligations to demand until we get back Comrade Ngurare, he is the man always addressing the Nation’s interests, not his own interests only.

I just want to dismiss the remark/comment made by Comrade Hage Geingob when he said Ngurare was supposed to be expelled from the Swapo Party in 2013 in Swakopmund, Erongo region, which is totally wrong. We have the Party rules and procedures that say any member that made a mistake in the Party’s case should be submitted within 90 days.

It is therefore clear that Geingob did not meet the requirement to accuse Ngurare on the case of 2013 like he said, it means automatically the case has expired and that time Geingob was not a Swapo Party President, it was the former President of the Republic of Namibia. Dr Geingob should not use his position to expel Party members without valid reasons.

They are also saying Ngurare was forcing the Government to service land and give the land to the nation.

Yes, people need land, and everyone needs land and now Geingob is saying the land is now going to be serviced by the Government. If the Governement is going to service the land, it is because of who? That is my question. It was because of Ngurare who addressed the land issue that the Government should give land to people, therefore he must bring back Ngurare and we have election manifestos’ that are promising land to the people.

The Country should thank SPYL for the land, if it was not for them the Government would still be saying there is no land. The truth must be spoken. Which countries donated the square metres of land to Namibia? Now they say a lot of plots are going to be serviced in Walvis Bay, Oshakati and Windhoek. Where did the land come from?

Who gave us land to service?

I also want to advise some of the regional leaders of the Swapo Party to stop spreading false politics, intimidating other members, threatening other members and undermining them to not address the necessary issues.

They must stop threatening each other.

Reinhold Shipwikeni

Swapo Party Erongo Regional Executive Committee member

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