Link between jewellery theft and Karibib robbery

The police has not made any arrests, nor recovered any of the stolen jewellery which was robbed on Monday night at the Swakopmund jeweller Indigo Blue. Three suspects got away with jewellery valued at more than N$500 000 after smashing the display window during the thunderstorm.

“We are urgently requesting the public for assistance in tracing the stolen jewellery and the suspects,” said police detective inspector Erastus Iikuyu, acting crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo, to namib times.
The break-in took place on Monday night at 12:30. “I got a call from our security company, G4S, at exactly that time,” said manager Libania Henckert. Exactly four minutes after the alarm was triggered the security guards were on scene, but a large amount of the precious jewellery and the suspects were long gone already.
It is suspected that three suspects smashed the shatterproof window using sledgehammers. Footage from a camera inside the shop shows three silhouettes standing outside. After breaking the display glass they grabbed various jewellery pieces, consisting of rings, pendants set with various precious stones. “All our jewellery is custom made,” Henckert continued. A few pieces were left behind indicating that the thieves were in a hurry.
Henckert believes that they used the unusual thunderstorm that night to mask the sound of the smashing window. Indigo Blue moved into the shop in 2012. The shop is situated in Daniel Tjongarero Street next to the popular coffee shop Bojo’s.
Detective inspector Iikuyu called on the public for assistance in the matter. According to police reports the total value of the stolen jewellery is N$332 058.
Speculations are ripe that the thieves in this matter were the same suspects that committed an armed robbery in Karibib on 12 November. According to Iikuyu six male suspects wearing balaclavas entered the house of Mr Albert Roux in the morning between 08:00 and 10:00. They held the domestic worker at gunpoint and demanded money. “They cut open two big safes with a cutting torch and get away with 200 Euro, 200 pounds and N$9 000, three Canon camera’s, three watches citizen titanium and black aviator, a cell phone, that belongs to the domestic worker, one.45mm star pistol (serial no. 1804972),” Iikuyu said.
The Culprits used a get-away car (white Ford fiesta hatchback). The total value of the stolen items is about N$120 000. No arrest have been made as yet.

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