List on social media is authentic

Unregistered members of Rössing Pension Fund need to register now

The list that circulated on social media last week containing the list of former members of the Rössing Pension Fund is authentic. Instead of spreading rumours and sowing confusion that the list is bogus, unregistered former members of the Fund are urged to register, confirmed Ismael Kasuto, the Principal Officer of the Rössing Pension Fund.
Kasuto assured the list is authentic, although it was not published in the media.

“The Fund is calling upon all unregistered former members of the Rössing Pension Fund to submit their claim forms. The list is correct, there is however a few names which are not on that list, but it is a correct list. A total of 7 600 former fund members still need to be traced. They did not claim their surplus portion”, explained Kasuto.
When asked why the list was never published in newspapers, Kasuto said they felt social media the most appropriate step to trace these members. “We don’t know their [unregistered members’] whereabouts. Hence the proactive approach to get them traced individually instead of publishing names as some won’t even notice the publication in the newspapers. Once names are traced, only then would the next step follow and that is to deter-mine whether these traced members are still alive and where they are living at the current. In the event of death, the next step on that is to deter-mine the next beneficiary in line or whether there is a beneficiary applicable.
In terms of Fund Rules, a former member must have been alive by the distribution date, 31 March 2012, to qualify. Only dependents of the deceased members’ that have passed after 31 March 2012 will qualify to register for the claim. The rules further state that members who died in service cannot be recognised as former members, as a former member needed to be alive at 31 March 2012 to qualify for receipt of a portion of the surplus. Further-more, members who retired in the Fund do not qualify as former members, as all such members or dependents of such members are in receipt of a monthly pension from the Fund and have received their share of the surplus allocation by way of the 14.0163% pension in-crease as from April 2012.
In order to determine how much of the actuarial reserve value a former member left behind, the Fund Actuary need the following minimum information: date of birth, date joined Fund, date left Fund, gender, pensionable salary when you left the Fund, and full benefit received when you left the Fund before tax. The due date for submission is end of March this year. Any person with further questions or want to hand in their claim forms can send via or hand deliver to any Rössing Uranium Office near you.

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