Little Foot Nursery wants to expand its footprint

The Swakopmund Town Council has approved an application by the private nursery Little Foot to rezone their property along the Henties Bay road from “Special” to “General Business”. The nursery now got permission to add more business activities to the existing operations.

An application in this regard stemming from Little Foot Property Holding CC was originally handed in at the municipality in July this year. In this application it states that the property measures 9552 square metres and the owner has consent from Council to operate a nursery garden centre as well as a restaurant.
With the rezoning to General Business it is the intention to expand the current business activities and accommodate amongst others a hair salon, a car wash and associated uses. In the Agenda of the recent meeting this application is regarded in a positive light, as the intended use “will complement the surrounding environment.”
The proposed rezoning was advertised in June this year and no objections were received. “This is a clear indication that the proposed intentions are welcomed by the general public,” it states in the Agenda. Council therefore approved the rezoning with a bulk of 2.0 and also decided to levy no betterment fee as per the betterment fee policy of 2009.

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