Loveira at Youth Olympics

Rudi Bowe

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games that will be hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 6 and 18 October will see close to 3 920 athletes from 206 countries going for gold in 32 sport disciplines and participate in cultural and educational activities.
Thalia Loveira a gymnast and a learner from Walvis Bay Private High School and the Namibian girl’s hockey team and the archer Quin Reddig are in Argentina to participate in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.
The Minister of Sport, Erastus Uutoni said athletes were responding positively to the government’s endeavours to promote and empower women in sport and that we need to do more to bring women athletes to the same level as men, as they have been in the backseat for years.
“Let’s empower women as sport is important and lets attack the challenges ahead of us. Athletes need to represent the country well and carry the flag with pride. However, also carry your study material and read when you get time,” Uutoni added.
Minister Erastus Uutoni said “We are busy selling the idea of a sport expo where various institutions will exhibit various products, projects and programmes which they can offer. We are also busy with the museum of sport where Namibian athletes’ triumphs will be on display. These ideas are good as they will reorganise sport in the nation”, Joan Smit Secretary General of The Namibian National Olympic Committee’s said “it was hard for the athletes to qualify for the Games as the criteria that were set was high and the athletes needed to compete in international events to qualify”.
The delegation;
Archery: Quin Reddig
Gymnastics: Thalia Theresia Loveira.­
Hockey: Sonet Crous, Carien van Rooyen, Kiane-Che Cormack, Jahntwa Kruger, Tarmarie Myburgh, Kaela Louise Meta Schimming, Cele Wessels, Joane van Rooyen, Danja Meyer, Rachel Hayley Finch, Vicky Stiemert and Amber Dercsen.
Management: Abner Xoagub (president) and Joan Smit.
Coaches/Managers: Frank Reddig
(archery), Dione Dichtl (gymnastics), Shayne Cormack, Manda Myburgh and Conrad Wessels (hockey).
Officials: June Shimuoshili and Joshua Sharply.


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