Make use of last days of gun amnesty

Inhabitants of Erongo Region are reminded that the deadline for a countrywide gun amnesty is fast approaching, providing them with last minute opportunities to hand in illegal firearms and ammunition without risking criminal prosecution. The reminder was extended recently by Warrant Officer Iileni Shapumba of Nampol in Erongo Region.

According to warrant Shapumba, Nampol started an operation on 18 September this year which allows community members who owns illegal firearms or ammunition to hand in all their weapons to the nearest police station without being convicted. Shapumba urges all people who have illegal firearms, ammunition and any type of illegal or unwanted weapons regarded as dangerous to hand these items in at the nearest police station before 18 November.
“Please go hand in your weapons before 18 November, because when that day comes police officers will start a police raid and if we find you with firearms which are not licensed or ammunition of any kind, you will be convicted” warned Shapumba.
He further said that people who have licensed firearms and feel they do not need them in their homes are more than welcome to hand those weapons in as well. Shapumba however said he is very happy with the community of Swakopmund, because since this operation started many residents have shown up at the charge office to give in their weapons and for those who were not comfortable going to the police stations, they called the police to their homes.

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