Man arrested for catching rock lobster at Waterfront in Swakopmund

Safari Investments, the developer of the Platz am Meer shopping mall in Vineta, has issued a stern warning and reiterated that no fishing whatsoever is allowed on its premises. The warning was issued after a person was  allegedly caught red-handed with ten rock lobsters on Saturday evening.

“Not only is the rock lobster season closed, the man was using a net to catch the lobsters”, said Centre Manager Ilse Marais to namib times. The accused was due to appear on a charge of illegally harvesting marine animals in the Swakopmund magistrates court yesterday. At the time of going to press the suspect was yet to make a first appearance in court.

According to Marais there have been various incidents in the past whereby fishermen used the enclave created by the break-water of the shopping to fish. “Fishing on this property is illegal. It is private property”, she said. The people usually attempt to fish there late at night. According to her it was a security guard who caught three people on Saturday evening at about 23:00. Two people were caught fishing barbels and were giving a verbal warning. “We have given many warning in the past, but now we have decided to enforce zero tolerance”, she continued. The third person was allegedly catching rock lobsters in the small bay using a net. He was in the possession of ten rock lobsters, some of them were undersized. “It is completely illegal”, Marais continued.

The Namibian rock lobster season opens on 1 November and runs until 30 April. Fishermen are allowed to catch seven rock lobsters per day which must have a minimum carapace length of 65 mm respectively.

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