Man beaten up after racial slurs at Windpomp 14

The 3rd Leg of the Coastal Angling Competition on Saturday by the Namibia Rock and Surf Angling Association (NRSAA) ended on a sour taste at the popular establishment Windpomp 14. One of the Association’s affiliated members allegedly behaved embarrassingly and after racially motivated slurs it ended in a fist fight with security officials.

A video clip of this unfortunate and immature incident emerged on social media and spread like a wildfire. The video shows security guards getting the better of the misbehaving patron, identified as a certain Willem de Klerk. De Klerk can clearly be overheard referring to the security officials as two baboons.
In an effort to get a full version of events, namib times obtained input from eyewitnesses.
Eyewitnesses reported members of the NRSAA congregated at Windpomp 14, located between Swakopmund and Wlotzkasbaken, after the conclusion of the fishing competition. De Klerk included.
At one point de Klerk allegedly pulled down his pants in public and urinated in public, much to the disgust and disbelief of other patrons.
A security official confronted de Klerk who retaliated with alleged racially laced insults. The security official hit de Klerk. He was joined by a colleague. De Klerk can be overheard calling out to the officials as baboons and using exceptionally crude language.
The incident has drawn much criticism since the weekend with many on social media condoning de Klerk’s behavior as revolting and scandalous. One person was of opinion race relations in Namibia cannot be improved in a climate where people insult one another based on race and colour. Another added white Namibians in general are “dragged down” by incidents and acts like this.
The NRSAA in the meantime also issued an official statement reading: “It has been brought to our attention that one of our affiliated members allegedly misbehaved after a Coastal league competition held on Saturday 22 April 2017 at mile 14. The incident reportedly occurred at “Die Windpomp” restaurant in which hate speech and racial comments were made,” reads a statement issued by the NRSAA shortly after the incident.
The NRSAA ensures to investigate the incident. “The NRSAA, on the highest level, would like to clearly state that it does not condone this type of behavior. Should this individual or Member Club be found guilty of these alleged offences, necessary disciplinary steps will be implemented,” the statement concludes. It is signed by NRSAA Chairman Johan Agenbag.
Windpomp 14’s Bertus Struwig also issued a statement on behalf of the owners, management, security and staff: “I’m totally amazed that we still have such human elements in this great country, whilst we cannot wish you away, our doors will always be closed to you. Struwig was not available for comment.
The sign NOT WELCOME should have your name on,” he revealed in a statement. “We hope this gentleman is as embarrassed this morning as we are.”
Struwig explains that it took hundreds of visitors to help build Windpomp14’s reputation over a period of 16 months as a place where friends and family can meet, relax and enjoy Namibian hospitality at its best.
“It took one man to trash that reputation in a matter of minutes.” Struwig is the CEO of Sun Karros, the company that took over the Mile 14 camp site and converted it into a popular hangout spot after a substantial investment.
Struwig’s statement continues: “We are this morning disgusted and strongly condemn this juvenile behavior of this person that caused this unacceptable incident. We are totally confident that our staff and security on duty did their best to try and contain this man, who arrived early afternoon at Windpomp14 on a “break out mission”.
We failed miserably as this character was set to cause the day’s drama and make social media headlines. We complement our security who tried their best to deal with this situation and apologize that they had to take the insults from a man who obviously has no respect for himself or others.”
The response by Struwig was met with lots of praise judging by the great majority of comments made in this regard. After the incident initially went viral, many blamed the establishment on social media. By yesterday the table had turned and Windpomp14 received a large amount of support for handling the issue maturely: “Thanx Mr. Struwig – you definitely did not deserve this bad publicity (…),” one comment reads.
De Klerk contacted namib times yesterday morning and was audibly distressed and embarrassed at what has happened. He shortly thereafter emailed the following statement: “I refer to the incident which took place on Saturday 23 April 2017. I am truly regretful of my idiotic bahaviour, and I unconditionally and sincerely apologise to the security guards, the management of Windpomp 14, my family and friends as well as the public. My actions, my remarks and my behavior was totally unacceptable – Willem de Klerk”

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