Man confesses to the murder of elderly Swakop resident Manfred Hartmann

25-year-old Uaaro Unaro Mbemukenga confessed yesterday to the murder of Swakopmund resident Manfred Hartmann (78) on 17 August this year at his home in Vineta. During his first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate’ court yesterday Mbemukenga confessed with the words: “I killed Manfred with a brick.”
Mbemukenga went on the run, but was arrested at Outjo only a few hours after the murder. During the arrest, he was allegedly trying to flee from the police and was shot and injured. Mbemukenga spent nearly a month in hospital and was ready yesterday for his first court appearance in Swakopmund on a charge of murder and theft.
As Mbemukenga slowly walked to the court room on crutches, six members of the police’s Special Field Force guarded him closely. Mbemukenga made no attempt to shield his face from the media taking pictures.
During the court proceedings, he confessed to the brutal murder of the man he only knew as “Manfred”.
“I really can’t say what was going on in my head,” Mbemukenga said after Magistrate Conchita Olivier asked him why he killed the pensioner.
“I beat him once with the brick on the head. He was bleeding. Afterwards, I tied his arms and (tied) a rope around his neck. He was not moving. After I tied him up I took a bag with clothes, a cell phone and a laptop,” Mbemukenga admitted.
Mbemukenga said he was not forced by any person to confess. Mbemukenga also said he fled, because he knew he acted unlawful. “I killed somebody”, and he knew it was unlawful to do so.
Mbemukenga’s plea was submitted to the court and will serve as a crucial piece of evidence during the murder trial. After the plea, the case was remanded to 13 November for further police investigation. Mbemukenga will in the meanwhile also apply for legal aid.
State prosecutor Paulus Shilongo opposed bail on the grounds it is a serious offence and that there is a possibility that the accused might abscond. Bail will also not be in the interest of the public. Bail was refused.

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