Man dies running from Police

A man died at Henties Bay on Monday, presumably from an injury he sustained as he was fleeing from the Namibian Police.

Gerson Gawaseb (31) assaulted his ex-girlfriend and her sister on Monday, prompting the victims to call the Police.
Upon the arrival of police officers, at the house where the assaults took place, Gawaseb fled the scene on foot. Police officers could not apprehend Gawaseb.
On Tuesday, Gawaseb’s body was discovered near a house which is under construction. It was clear Gawaseb bled profusely from a gushing wound and that his death came as a result of heavy blood loss.
Officers combed the area and found a metal object close by. It was clear that Gawaseb struck the metal object as he was running, causing the fatal injury.

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